“One small step for a writer, one giant step for would-be-authorkind.”


This is my first effort at blogging.  I am not sure what it will turn out to be anymore than I am ever sure what I will turn out to be.  Each time I write something new, I feel like a pioneer stepping into the exotic landscape of my imagination.  What adventures will I encounter?  What dangers lurk around the next bend in the river?  What treasures may be found in this hopefully fertile plane.  I invite you to seek out these treasures with me.  We will mine for gold in my ramblings and as often as not, we may wind up with only pyrite (fool’s gold.)


But even fool’s gold has a pleasant shine to it and so though it may not make you any richer, perhaps it will serve to lighten you day and bring a smile to your face as it reflects back the sun of those truly great authors who have come before.  Those authors who I aspire to be like.  A small warning is, perhaps, in order.  I am not very “computer savvy”  I know next to nothing about how to create pretty graphic or upload pictures, so most of what you find here will be all I have to share with you:  WORDS.  Words I will give you aplenty, and if there is a way for you to give me words (that embody your thoughts) back, I would appreciate hearing what you have to say.


Thank you!  Randall Lemon 2/10/2013

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