My editor says to make my Blog fan-friendly.  So here it goes:


Hi!!  How the heck are you?  Welcome to LemonLand!  So glad you decided to take a couple of minutes to come by and check me out.  


I would love to show you lots of exciting pictures and videos and music and colors, you know all the bells and whistles.  Unfortunately, I don’t know how to do any of that stuff.  I just barely know how to use a computer, that’s my fault, of course, and not yours.  I’ll try to learn some things along the way. But for now, you’re just stuck listening to my ramblings so here goes:


I love to listen to music while I write.  For many of you, that’s going to be like:  “Duh!”  but believe it or not, there is quite a controversy on writer’s websites where people argue if listening to music is a good idea or not.  For me, I love all kinds of music.  I was listening to some Pule Simon when I started to this and now I’m listening to Cyndi Lauper.  However it’s just as likely that I’ll have on New Age or Country or Folk or Jazz or Show Music, or …?


I have spent my life involved in music, theater and writing.  I sang, I wrote, I directed, I acted.  Unfortunately like most normal people, I made practically no money at any of that so I became a high school teacher to pay the bills.  Believe it or not, I loved the kids and even (most of) the parents.


Sadly state legislators seem to spend most of there time trying to figure out how to make education completely meaningless.  Good teachers want to concentrate on helping students to find a way to think that is meaningful to them.  Then we want to expose them to great ideas to allow them to think about them and make judgments.  This way when they are on their own in the cold, cruel world ; they will have a system of logic to deal with things.  We want to expose them to the concept of morality as reflected in logic, history and literature.  Hopefully parents expose them to a more personal morality.  That way students can make decisions about what is right or wrong for them and the world in general.


Legislators and their lackeys (most school administrators, sadly) are only interested in whether students can pass ridiculous standardized tests.  They use these not to really measure student abilities, but as a means of publicizing in newspapers and other media that they are doing things “right” in their school district and are better than the school districts next to them.  That way, they can justify giving themselves raises.


I became disgusted with these politics after 34 years and finally quit to pursue my writing.


What do i write?  Good question!  Whatever pops into my crazy imagination.  I originally assumed I was an adult fantasy author.  (Think Tolkein or Game of Thrones, or The Wheel of Time.”


I spent a couple decades as a role-playing gamer on the competitive circuit and was the Number 1 player in the world for a couple years and in over 2 dacades, I never fell lower than third in the world.  If you are unfamiliar with roleplaying, think “Dungeons & Dragons.”  This is just one game of hundreds and I have played the majority of them in competition or with friends.  Although I no longer compete, I still play with friends about once/week.  


So between the games I play and the stories and novels I read, I just assumed I would be a fantasy author.  I started a novel and I still peck away at it, but while I have written only 32 pages of the novel, I have written about 250 pages of short fiction and poetry and most of it had nothing to do with fantasy.  It is Winter here in Indiana now and the snow is falling outside my window.  It is beautiful to look at (like a snowglobe turned upside down), but I am anxious for warmer weather to melt it all away.  I have decided that Winter is a young person’s season and I am no longer young.  I appreciate it aesthetically, but Lord!  I don’t want to drive in it.


So if this was your first visit to Lemonland, I hope you enjoyed your brief visit.  I will try yo write more crazy stuff here, maybe give you an insight into how my mind works, if you care.


As all us ex-hippies tend to say,  “Peace, out, Dudes!”

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