The nice folks at Dragon Knight Chronicles very much want me to use my blog to help promote sales of The Dragon Tempest anthology.  I have a story in this anthology entitled “The Tears of Regas” which basically explores the idea that life as a god has its problems as well.  They want me to talk about other authors from the anthology in my blog so i may have more to say on this subject in future postings.

Since I last posted here.  I have had varied success and failures.  I had high hopes that my being included in the anthology, Dance Like a Monkey would kick open some doors for me.  I had a story in that anthology called, “Gathering Flowers in the Garden of Fermey”.  It was one of my longer stories at about 3500 words and dealt with women warriors who played a key element in saving their kingdom.  This anthology was published by Silence in the Library and edited by the truly excellent Jean Rabe.  What really psyched me about this volume is that my story was in there with a number of industry professionals who are bog names in the genres of science fiction and fantasy.  I thought if people happened to ready my story alongside of some of the greats, I might receive some invitations to write in other professional anthologies.  sadly, it was a much smaller printing than I had hoped for and if anyone ever even read my story, I have received no feedback.

To date, I have published one shared novel, Gryffon Master:  Curse of the Lich King which I made a little money from.  I sometimes hear that it is being shopped around as a screenplay for a movie.  That would be exciting if it ever happened but I am not holding my breath for that.

I have published the following stories:

“A Mouser, a Keg of Rum and a Gunnery Mate” in World of Pirates.

“Mercy Killing” in Lava Storm.

“Heavy Hangs the Head…” and “Taking Liberties” in Dangerous Days.

“Acceptable Losses” in Final Ships.

“Hat Trick” and “Victory or Death?” in Aspiring Writers 2013 Winners Anthology.

“Flames of Red Make Violet Blue” in Violet Hopes.

“The Treasure of Freedom” in Trash to Treasure.

“Someone Told Me, It’s All Happening…” in Of Past and Future.

“After-Life” in Visions: Leaving Earth.

“A Less-than-Perfect Date,” “One Cannot Lose a Mother’s Love,” “Knock-Knock: Who’s There?” and “White Demons” in Aspiring Writers 2014 Winners Anthology.

“A Lighter Philosophy” in One-Minute Stories from Around the World.

I also had a story, “Bobby Darwin’s Lucky Day”  published in the June, 2014 issue of the ezine The News in Books.

I’ve also had a story, “Tomato Surprise” accepted for publication in an anthology called Tomato Slices that has yet to come out.

Many of my other stories have places well in numerous small contests, but there have been some disappointments as well.  I submitted a story, “Extermination” to the Weird West Anthology but it was rejected at the last minute.  That was definitely a bigger deal-type anthology I was hoping to get into.

I have submitted a story to the Cricket Magazine group for consideration in Cicada.  That would be a feather in my hat if I could get in there.  I am currently working on a horror story for another professional anthology.

Wish me luck.  I can use all that I can get.

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